STYLE GURU STYLE: Black, White And Glam All Over

When I feel like being adventurous in fashion, I usually channel Old Hollywood for inspiration. Thinking of women like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, I can’t help but aspire to have the same elegant style that they had. Although social graces and etiquette played a big role in the charm of these women, their fashion certainly spoke to the fabulous legends that they became. When I saw Ralph Lauren’s resort 2015 collection, the pieces brought me the nostalgia of those Old Hollywood days and I decided to take a break from my favorite kimono and booties for this black and white ensemble.

Much of Lauren’s collection featured combinations of black with various hues of white. My favorite look was look 4, which featured an enamel pencil skirt with black polka dots and a soft, black turtleneck with a chiffon ruffle. I admired Lauren’s use of black and white with gold accents throughout the collection. Although black and white are considered to be neutrals, Lauren wielded them throughout his collection to look like the brightest colors of the season.

Not only was the collection innovative, it was also empowering. Each unique silhouette flattered the models and harmonized perfectly with Lauren’s color arrangements. For instance, the blazer in look 17 had sharp shoulders that were both flattering and strong. Even with a menswear-inspired tie, the look did not wane from the femininity that is desired from a Ralph Lauren original. In a world of suits and white collars, Lauren fashioned every seam and embellishment so that it would be impossible for anyone wearing one of his pieces to fade into the background. This glamorous and undeniably feminine collection sent a strong message of class, strength and beauty that every woman should embrace.

When I put my look together, I decided to emulate Lauren’s collection with my choice of colors and silhouettes. I decided to wear one of my favorite midi dresses, which features a black window pane print. In an effort to polish my look and make it more professional, I added a black blazer to go over my shoulders. I couldn’t resist adding a gold watch to my ensemble either after admiring Lauren’s subtle use of gold throughout his collection. To give my look more of that Old Hollywood vibe, I added a black hat with a large brim. In lieu of one of my favorite icons, I wore a pink lip because like Audrey Hepburn, I too, believe in wearing pink lipstick.

Get My Look: 1. A black hat. 2. A midi dress. 3. A black blazer.