STYLE GURU STYLE: Black to Basics

Missoni’s pre-fall 2015 runway show was one of my favorite shows this year. Missoni is not a designer whose shows normally catch my eye, however, this year her designs took my eyes by storm. Every outfit was alive with loud prints and colors that demanded the attention of the audience.There was not a single look that did not leave me speechless. One of my favorite aspects of this runway show was the wide variety of textures and colors present throughout each ensemble. Missoni flawlessly combined the colors and textures of each article of clothing into one cohesive look. Each look was so different and unique, but still created a collection with a united concept. What made me love Missoni’s looks throughout the show even more was the boldness of each outfit, a boldness that reminded me of my own personal style.

So today, I created an all black look with a hint of Missoni’s boldness expressed through the coat that I am wearing. Black and gold is a classic and timeless combination. My black ensemble was accompanied by a gold body chain, gold earrings and a gold cuff bracelet. With the weather getting colder, I opted to wear a pair of black velvet leggings which not only added warmth but texture to the ensemble. The look is finished by a pair of black chunky heeled booties, minimal makeup and a bold lip.

This show was a reminder that it is okay to be bold in your everyday attire and to own it with Missonian grace.

Get My Look: 1. A black leather bag. 2. A gold body chain. 3. Crushed velvet leggings.