STYLE GURU STYLE: Black on Black on Black

Alexander Wang’s fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection is completely devoted to my favorite color to wear, black. This collection is one of my favorite collections that I have seen this fashion week, not only because of the color, but also, because of the small details. The hardware, silhouettes and accents make the collection stand out. Most of my favorite looks from this collection are monochromatic black with hints of leather or silver accents. To create an outfit inspired by the show, I wanted to keep Alexander Wang’s edgy feel that was consistent throughout the looks.

Alexander Wang showed a lot of black leather within the collection. I took inspiration from his use of leather and chose to base my outfit around my favorite pair of leather pants. They are the focal point of my outfit. To accent them and continue with the all black theme, I chose to wear my favorite black sweater. This sweater will not only keep me warm during the cold days we have been having here at Marist, but will keep me comfortable all day. I chose to wear my long black jacket with this outfit. The leather elbows accent the leather pants nicely. Many of the jackets seen in this collection are long and straight, just like the one I am sporting.

The small details in this collection are what made it stand out to me. I chose to wear my silver bib statement necklace to accent my outfit. It breaks up all of the black and makes the outfit more polished. Most of the shoes shown with Alexander Wang’s collection had very thick soles. I chose to wear my snakeskin shoes because they too have thick soles. They add a pop of texture and pattern to the outfit.

Black is always the right choice. It fits the mood of the weather lately and always looks good. Alexander Wang had the right idea when designing this collection!

Get My Look: 1. Leather pants. 2. Black sweater. 3. Silver statement necklace. 4. Snakeskin shoes.