January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

Baja East pre-fall 2016 Collection killed the monochromatic color scheme game. Every look in this collection was so chic, yet so simple. Sometimes when we go to choose our outfits in the morning we over think what we are going to wear. When I say we I mean me for sure. I know I spend way too long deliberating on if this matches with that and what colors look good together, but who knew that the use of just one color in an outfit could create an effortless beauty. Whether it was black, white or blue, this runway collection stuck with that one color for the entire outfit and simply added different patterns and textures of that one color. I absolutely love how they did this and decided to try and recreate it with a little bit of my own touch.

Monochromatic means all one color, so for this look I chose all-black everything because you can never go wrong with all-black. We will start on top and work our way down for this one! To begin I chose a simple black long sleeve shirt. You can wear this with anything and everything from causal loungewear to out-and-about outfits. This is a staple item that I recommend everyone keep in their closet. Next I added a graphic tank top with the phrase “current mood” on it. I am in love with this tank top. As any Fashionista knows, some days the only way you can express your mood is through your outfit whether it be a spitfire spunky outfit, or a plain and simple tank top thrown on with jeans. On top of that, I threw on a sequined cardigan. This is a show stopper. Personally I love it for events like New Year’s Eve, but it can be added to any outfit to add a little extra sparkle.

For my pants I chose black high-waisted flare jeans. These have been on my wish list for a while now and Santa finally threw them down the chimney this year (thanks, Santa)! When my Mom saw me put these on she told me that she had a pair just like them in high school. If your Mom tells you the same thing about your flare jeans, don’t do the little nervous laugh and try to act like you’re so excited that you’re matching with your Mom from the ’70s, because they are back and better than ever (they’ve been upgraded don’t worry). Even better news is that the high-top Converse that my Dad (yes, I said Dad) had during high school are back again too! I guess my parents high school days truly were the glory days of fashion trends. Trends cycle around and around again and I guess somethings will just never get old.

A super big shout out to Baja East for inspiring my look this week!

Get My Look: 1. Current Mood tank top.  2. High-waisted black flare jeans. 3. Black high-top Converse.