February 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

I am back again to shed some light on this frigid weather. I like the cold because it always has something to offer us whether it is an opportunity to add more layers, or to wear that new coat we are just dying to break out. My personal style can be described as occasionally questionable, extremely neutral, but laid back.

Layering is a must in my book. There’s something about a single collared chiffon shirt that just doesn’t do it for me. Therefore, you will never catch me wearing one without a sweater or a blazer layered over it. That is what gives my style a chic and edgy look-at least that is what I am going for. One of my new favorites on the runway for Fashion Week would definitely be Alexander Wang for his color escapades also known as black done the right way.

Although many do not realize, there are multiple shades of black. There is a sharp, darkest dark black that often comes on top which usually contrasts with black bottoms such as jeans leggings that are not as thick or sharp. My favorite color to mix with black currently would be the lightest cream or gray. It complements the look I am going for with still giving it some flavor.

Black leather leggings are a must have. They are life-savors when you are having a “I have nothing to wear moment.”

Get My Look: 1. A good pair of black leggings. 2. Oversized sweater. 3. Most importantly-long peacoat .