STYLE GURU STYLE: Black and White

The Givenchy pre-fall 2015 runway show was simply flawless. Everything about it made perfect sense to those who love simple, black and white looks. Each look followed suit with an almost all black outfit and touches of white. Later on in the show there were more detailed looks that also stood out. The beginning, more simple looks were the ones that spoke to me the most. My closet consists of mostly black, white and grey colors so that is why this runway show was very relatable to me. Making a statement doesn’t always have to include crazy colors and designs, and this runway show illustrates that perfectly. Overall, the runway show was a showstopper.

Having inspiration from Givenchy, I went for a sleek black and white look. All black with a basic white button-down and studded flats. The collar folded over the jacket gives a nice touch to the entire look. My jacket adds some feel to the outfit with a subtle leather peplum on the bottom and leather shoulders. The black studded flats add some flare to top it off. A few basic black and silver bracelets tie in the overarching theme of this look.

The pre-fall 2015 Givenchy runway show inspired me to go for a chic, bold look. This outfit is simple yet fierce and gives off the feeling of power. Never be afraid to go with the classic black and white look and feel confident doing it!

Get My Look: 1. The perfectly fitted black jacket. 2. Glamorous studded flats. 3. The everyday white button-down.