STYLE GURU STYLE: Black and Mellow

Max Mara’s pre-fall collection features red lipstick AND animal shirts? Count me in. It’s no secret that I have a deep appreciation for red lipstick. Its ability to take an outfit from casual to chic is something that has saved my appearance way too many times. And as for the animal shirts and dresses, let’s just say I have a T-shirt with a giant squirrel face hanging in my closet.

Initially, the Max Mara show caught my eye for these reasons. However, as I took a closer look at the collection, I noticed that most looks had an element of masculinity to them ranging anywhere from a bulky jacket to oversized trousers. So why was the overall impression it left powerful and feminine? Simple. The minimal use of jewelry and red lips create a sense of power and confidence without looking like much effort was put into the looks. Plus, nothing says girl power like being able to look top notch in a piece of men’s clothing. I also fell in love with the subtle touches of leather throughout the collection. Something about leather and red lips, when done tastefully, screams sophisticated.

So when I was digging through my closet searching for a look to emulate this collection, I decided to forgo the squirrel T-shirt and side with a more mature look. I picked a plain black T-shirt paired with my favorite (and extremely comfortable) cotton and faux leather leggings, which let me add in that flair of leather I loved so much from the show. For my outerwear I chose a bulky plaid jacket. Oddly enough, my grandmother purchased this jacket in the ’80s. I love being able to bring elements back from the past, so working it into this modern look was a huge plus for me. For my shoes I went with my go-to black wedges to continue the line. Last were my accessories: my favorite black sunglasses and trusty red lipstick with a matte finish.

What seemed like a difficult task at first ended up being extremely easy to recreate. Looking feminine and chic doesn’t mean piling on an excessive amount of frilly jewelry and accessories. When in doubt, go for a monochromatic look topped with some fun lipstick. Don’t doubt your ability to dress like the pros. Chances are, you already have the basics hanging in your closet.

Get My Look: 1. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. 2. Faux leather leggings. 3. Oversized outerwear.