June 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

Sometimes I feel as if only in Chicago it can go from being a beautiful, sunny day and then transition into a cold, rainy day. So wearing two basic colors that blend together to look stylish and sophisticated without a lot of work is the best transition from warmer to cooler weather.

First off, I’m very into dark colors so black is always my main color to base off all my outfits. I found the perfect collection from the Oak fall 2015 show, in which the color black was used as a main focal point. Leggings are the perfect go-to bottoms to wear basically anywhere and for any reason. If you pair your leggings with a nice top, it’ll definitely add style to any look. I styled my leggings with a thin black sweater, a gold-layered necklace, a vintage jean jacket and black faux croc-embossed Chelsea boots. This sweater has defined black lines adding a different pattern instead of just a plain look to it, while the gold layered necklace stands out against the black material. Without the gold layered necklace, my sweater and leggings would just look too boring, but the necklace is perfect as it pops right off the black and straight into eye view.

With the shoes for this outfit I feel they complete the whole outfit together. They even have a small amount of gold on the tips of my shoe that stick out and make them very unique. Any style of Chelsea boots gives a classier, mature look for any outfit and are definitely a main pair of shoes everyone should have in their closet, just look at Harry Styles’ collection of Chelsea boots!

Always remember that just the smallest details can really bring out an outfit, especially if your outfit consists on one main color. Wearing mainly blue? Throw in some red! Wearing mainly pink? Throw in some black! Adding tiny detail to your outfits usually doesn’t take any longer getting ready and people will definitely take notice.

Get My Look: 1. Throw on your best leggings. 2. A cute black top. 3. A statement necklace. 4. Chelsea boots.