I vividly remember being younger and never wanting to mix black and blue clothing items. It’s funny how things change over time! One of my current favorite trends includes exactly that—creating all-black outfits with a pop of blue. Turquoise has always paired well with black, but more recently there has been a realization that navy and midnight blue tones do, as well. Both the Elie Tahari and Bibhu Mohapatra fall 2015 shows featured looks that took this trend to the next level. These brands inspired me to try the look out for myself!

I first decided to compose an all-black outfit as the base of my look. I paired black denim pants with a sheer, flowy black top with a high neckline. For shoes, I wore menswear-inspired black booties. I’ve always loved mixing really feminine pieces with those that have a hint of masculinity. Next, I had to decide what blue accessory to go with for my take on a black and blue outfit. I decided on this blue furry jacket that I usually tend to style outfits around, rather than the other way around. Not only did it add color to my neutral outfit, but it also added texture that helped to complete the look. When wearing outerwear that acts as a statement piece, I go for less jewelry. I finished off the look with a few gold rings and voila!

Black and blue outfits are here to stay (well, in my opinion at least)! Not only did multiple fall 2015 New York Fashion Week shows showcase this look, but it also has more recently hit the red carpet. I’m excited to see this style continue to unfold, especially on the streets. The black and blue outfit possibilities are endless!

Get My Look: 1. A blue furry coat. 2. Black denim. 3. A blouse featuring a high neckline.