STYLE GURU STYLE: Beanies And Basquiat

Emerging from the punk scene in New York City, Jean-Michel Basquiat was known for his downtown graffiti art. His neo-expressionist depiction of social commentary makes him indubitably one of my favorite artists. I find that no other artist relays these subjects with such ease and fluidity to his/her viewers; his works are a visual symphony of heritages, symbols and colors. As I was perusing through the graphic T-shirt section of UNIQLO one day, I was delighted to find a collection from SPRZ NY that incorporated his artwork into their designs. I immediately purchased one of their graphics; today, it is one of my favorite pieces in my overflowing closet. This line consists of a multitude of Basquiat’s prints, chock-full of vibrant colors.

Drawing inspiration from Bouchra Jarrar’s Spring 2016 Couture Collection, I paired this Basquiat graffiti style shirt with a black fur vest for a bit of subtle edge and warmth. The blue undertones of this thrifted knit scarf add dimension to the otherwise plain black top pairing. I opted for a pair of leather slip-on sneakers for a casual edge of comfort.

With cold weather attacking campus, the heavily sported baseball caps and floppy hats of the beginning fall semester are no longer sufficient. Providing warmth and a reprieve from a bad hair day, this gray beanie emphasizes the urban vibe of the top. A few dainty rings are a great way to complement any outfit. So, let’s see if this look captivates as many Fashionistas on campus as much as Basquiat’s visual collages captivate me!

Get My Look: 1. Long sleeve graphic T-shirt. 2. Ripped knee jeans. 3. Black knit vest. 4. Leather slip-ons.