STYLE GURU STYLE: Be Irreplaceable With Style

It is no lie when they say “you can never go wrong with a little black dress” for any go-to outfit. Whether it is going to a fashion show in Milan or just going to hang with your girlfriends for a fun girls night out. It seems when you have no idea what to wear, the black dress is always a perfect choice. Black dresses are elegant, chic and just plain glamorous. They practically go with everything.

From this runway trend, I took the black and chic look from the spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection by Rodarte and just got so many ideas on what to pair it with. I just had to wear this with plain leggings to make the look all about glamour like Rodarte does in every show. I started with a trim dress and sexy leggings for a start. For shoes I was thinking I had two choices: either white platform pumps or grey booties. I would go white pumps when I want glamour and want to stand out, but being on my feet all day I’d go with booties, because they are so comfortable. I added a cute red tote purse to match red and black to make it glamorous.The best thing about Rodarte’s spring collection is the use of all the colors. Here I use the red bag to pair colors perfectly, to really make the black look noticeable. If someone asked me to describe Rodarte I would say she is fearless, she pairs all colors together and every outfit in her show makes a statement.

Get My Look: 1.Trim dress. 2. Sexy leggings. 3. Grey Booties. 4. Red tote purse.