STYLE GURU STYLE: Basic Summer Knits

Summer is the time of half-remembered childhood dreams of warm beaches, cool nights by the fire and eccentric but impeccably dressed family. I have always loved summer because it was a time when I could see neighbors and friends dressed for a party while sipping a cocktail on the porch. And those moments were always the most comforting, which really made me fall in love with summer staples and peaked my interest in what fashion really is.

I was browsing various trends in resort wear for this season and hidden in the outlandish, impractical and terribly de-feminizing creations some collections contained, I found a gem. It is a basic summer and resort wear go-to outfit that has remained a staple for vacationers since the release of Chanel’s 1916 collection­­­­­—knitwear.

Summer knits have always been a staple in my wardrobe. While summer is hot, there are a lot of cool breezes and I find a nice casual knit is a great cover-up for swimwear and for evenings out.

When I happened upon the Sonia by Sonia Rykiel resort collection for 2016, I noticed a return to more classic styles. And in an industry where outlandishness rather than originality exists, I will almost always prefer a return to a classic look. Instead of focusing on the color scheme of the collection, which revolves mainly around reds, navies and black, I drew inspiration from the knit patterns and horizontal stripes.

I paired a light blue horizontal stripe knit shift with a black knit skirt to complete the Sonia inspired outfit. The blue knit shift was my version of the runway collection for a more land-locked summer outfit without losing the integrity of the designer’s ideas for revitalized resort wear. I also added a pair of cow-print sandals to add a bit of character to a very casual outfit. While the Sonia collection focuses more on outfits than accessories, I felt accessories were crucial to make my outfit stand out, so I added a funky gold necklace and flower-print shopper to unify the various colors and patterns in my outfit into the perfect summer look.

Get My Look: 1. An oversized knit shift. 2. A print shopper. 3. A statement necklace.