STYLE GURU STYLE: Barbie Fashion World

STYLE GURU STYLE: Barbie Fashion World

For almost six generations Barbie has been the most recognizable and best selling doll in the world. She is a worldwide fashion muse and pop culture icon for girls of all ages, and Jeremy Scott took this idea to create the Moschino Barbie spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, which offers many looks for different occasions.

There is “Business Woman Barbie” who dresses in a hot pink skirt suit; “Roller-Skating Barbie,” in the light pink velvet skirt and top; “Workout Barbie,” in rosy high-heeled shoes with cute pink dumbbells in her hands; there is even “Cowgirl Barbie,” in flamingo pink cowboy boots; “Poolside Barbie,” in a towel dress and turban; and, finally, “Barbie on Board,” in a pink shiny leather short dress and sparkling heart-shaped sunglasses.

Now let’s talk about accessories. The oversized accessories look are from the ‘80s or ‘90s: colorful chain necklaces and belts, pink high-heeled pumps, bubblegum pink plastic handbags, a pink suitcase, a bright yellow camera and even a pink flip phone. All looks of Barbie are stunning, but my favorite is the “Princess Barbie” look that is dolled up in the light pink ruffled dress with a large glamorous bow. The collection is all about the good-natured fun that does not take fashion seriously.

The image of Barbie is a rosy fantasy of her glamorous lifestyle, and sometimes I also want to “feel the glamour in pink.” For those moments, I dress up in my lovely Diana von Furstenberg’s Ping Wing dress, which is very lightweight and pleasant to the touch. We know that Barbie would not live without pink, so I found those hue rosy tights, which is very wearable. And, of course, Barbie is not Barbie without bright and glittering accessories. Sophia Webster Amanda gem platform sandal, Valentino red rose cross-body bag and Salvatore Ferragamo red cat-eye sunglasses, decorated with Swarovski crystals, complete my Barbie look. Of course, adornments are an essential part of the Barbie look too and, according to Barbie preferences, in massive jewelry; I found this pearl necklace, silver earrings and a flowering ring. No watches for this look because Barbie does not need them in her timeless fantastic world.

Get My Look: 1. Pink dress. 2. Red bag. 3. Pearl. 4. Sunglasses. 5. Lipgloss.