The Missoni winter 2015 collection can be easily incorporated into an everyday look. The Italian based designer is known for its intricate patterns paired with layers and knits, making it ideal for trekking to class in the colder months. Missoni’s patterns are generally bold and vibrant ;however, this collection is unique. The patterns in this line are inspired from the textures in marble and wood, which are then accompanied by a pop of bright color. That’s great news for our student budget! The reliance on more neutral and natural colors and patterns means that the pieces are much easier to match with items we already own.  

To bring this look to everyday life, I used a classic crew cut maxi dress, featuring a similar pattern to the stonework inspired pieces from the line. To keep with the trends of this collection, I chose a bag with fringe tassels that mimic the ones at the ends of typical Missoni knits. When you are starting from the maxi dress base that features a statement pattern, it’s easy to pull whatever neutral layering pieces you already have from your wardrobe. Using an earth-toned color with no print allows the pattern on the dress to become the focal point of the outfit. After you’ve got your base and layering piece ready to go, you may want to add a bit of color for your bottoms or with a bag. Missoni’s color pattern tends to be very bright, so going with a maroon shade of red rather than something more bold keeps the outfit natural and casual. 

Get My Look: 1. Stone patterned pieces. 2. Neutral layers. 3. Bags.