STYLE GURU STYLE: Baby It's Still Cold Outside

As winter continues into the beginning of 2016, so do the layers of clothing. Charleston definitely tricked its residents into thinking warm weather was ahead, due to it being in the high 70s a couple weeks ago, but surely enough, the cold returned. By Malene Birger’s fall 2016 collection, which showed in Copenhagen and consisted of furs and strictly neutral tones, is the inspiration behind my casual day attire.

I don’t know about you, but whenever it is under 50 degrees, I want to be bundled up in the cutest way possible. The best way to transform Birger’s runway trend to my everyday style is with my olive green parka and cream knit scarf. These are the two essentials that have gotten me through the chilly weather. My favorite part about wearing my parka is the fact that it doesn’t take away from a cute and casual outfit like some bulky coats do. Of course the knit scarf is also a way to stay warm and look good while doing so.

By pairing these winter necessities with some black jeans and a plaid blouse, I am ready to take on the 30 degree weather. Also, you can’t forget the classic high-top Converse All-Stars, which have always been my go-to shoes when I’m out and about. Try adding some bling and a bold lip color to spice up your look; my personal favorites are my world map watch and Matte Blackmail by Urban Decay.

Get My Look: 1. Parka coat. 2. Knit scarf. 3. World map watch. 4. High-top converse. 5. Matte Blackmail lipstick.