STYLE GURU STYLE: Asymmetrical Aesthetics

Let me just flat out say it. When it comes to fashion, I can be a fussy shopper. It’s not that I don’t have any interest in certain trends because I am always open to and love experimentation. My problem is that there is always a constant struggle of finding clothes that snug me in all the right places and aren’t too big or too long. For someone who is of the shorter height range, I tend to gravitate towards clothes that are upsettingly not made for my body type.

With that being said, when I saw Marni’s pre-fall 2016 collection, I was immediately drawn towards the versatility, structure and effective use of low-hanging garments. The collection features an asymmetrical trend, which I was inspired to recreate with my own personal style for women of all shapes and sizes who may or may not find it particularly difficult to wear longer shirts and dresses.

I decided to put together this simple grayscale, loose-fitting outfit that can be worn at any non-formal wear occasion. My look consists of wearing a long sleeve, asymmetrical tunic, solid black pants and matching heel lace-up boots, which were then accessorized with a floppy-brimmed fedora and my favorite Michael Kors satchel. This specific tunic, found at T.J. Maxx, is perfect for recreating the trend and it is unique in that it includes a deep side-slit while managing to maintain the collection’s draping features. The front side of the tunic also has a shorter hem allowing for more leg visibility, which is a perfect quality to have if the goal is to prevent clothing from making you appear smaller.

To finish this look, I specifically wore heeled shoes to create a taller look, a black floppy-brimmed fedora to match the movement of the tunic’s asymmetrical aesthetics and a satchel to mimic the use in the collection.

Get My Look: 1. Asymmetrical tunic. 2. Floppy-brimmed fedora. 3. Michael Kors satchel.