STYLE GURU STYLE: (Almost) All-Black Everything

February 22nd, 2016 at 2:10am

When I first laid eyes on the Elie Tahari fall 2016 collection, I was immediately inspired. For starters, more than half of the looks featured are almost entirely black. The collection is dripping in oversized outerwear, black lace and sweaters. It draws in any lover of wearing dark colors while feeling both chic and comfortable at the same time.

Several years ago, with my young (and still ongoing) love for black nail polish and after my purchase of a makeup bag in 8th grade with glittery skulls on it, my mother sat me down for a serious conversation. She looked me in the eyes and worriedly asked, “Kate, are you goth?” Come to think of it, I might have even purchased some black eyeliner along with the bag. I must have been feeling quite bold at the time.

Based on these facts alone, one would most likely assume that I am a member of the Goth community. Contrary to popular belief, I must admit that I am not Goth, though I may have made the attempt to be during my formative years. Avril Lavigne, you were my everything, but the truth is, I just have an intense love affair with the color black.

Inspired by this collection, I tried to bring a few key components into my outfit: lace, an oversized sweater, black, black and a little more black. Though the rest of my outfit is entirely black, I wanted to place a pop of color into the outfit, so I chose to sport a mustard wool sweater. To add a little edge to the outfit, I wore a black skater skirt with a faux leather trim. Under that, I wore a pair of lacey, patterned tights to make the already color-blocked ensemble a little more interesting.

Get My Look: 1. Sweater. 2. Skater skirt. 3. Patterned tights.