This outfit shows off two of my current favorite trends: lace-up and off-the-shoulder pieces. What I look for in a trendy piece is that there is some element of it that makes it more classic. This shirt is very trendy, but I think the fact that it is a classic hue turns it into a piece I can wear even when the trend fades. As a college student, I try to get pieces I can wear for a long time rather than what is currently in style. That being said, I just bought a bunch of off-the-shoulder tops for this season, so I am hoping that the style sticks around for at least a few more seasons.

Off-the-shoulder tops are versatile because they can be found in very comfortable fabrics, like this one which is just a nice soft cotton, but they feel more dressed up than a T-shirt. This makes them perfect for both going to class and running errands but also for going out later in the night while still feeling comfortable.

The rest of my outfit is pretty simple—a pair of medium wash jeans that have a ripped detail at the bottom and some sandals. These jeans have become my new go-to recently because they are actually the right length for me, which other short people know is hard to find in a pair of pants. I chose to wear black sandals, because I wanted to match the black of the top to make the outfit feel cohesive.