Jeremy Scott’s spring 2015 Moschino collection was iconic. It was his second season using everyday products from big name brands as center pieces for his collection, and this time he chose Matel’s Barbie. The colors were bright, logos were splashy and the impact was massive. The show was uniquely audacious; the way fashion is meant to be. The leggy blondes bouncing—and one roller blading—down the runway seemed to mock the self-important Haute Couture gowns dragging along the stage at other shows. Jeremy Scott took something every young girl can identify with and used it to celebrate those who aren’t too pompous to have fun in creativity.

The street style blogger set ate up the low-brow relatability at high fashion prices. Chiara Ferragni (aka the Blonde Salad) was featured in ads for the collection; K-Pop star and Instagram celebrity CL posted shots wearing clothes from the show; even Paris Hilton’s dog was wearing Barbied-out Moschino. Matel released a decked out doll in collaboration with the fashion house to have it sell out within hours.

I wanted to get in on the logo-mania, but head-to-toe pink only looks great on people who wear clothes for a living, so I took it down a notch. However, if you are blonde and above 5’8”, monochromatic bubblegum would make a great Barbie doll costume. But if you, like me, are neither of those things, it’s still an easy trend to make wearable. The black leather-clad collaboration doll lent a hand of inspiration to my outfit.

My vintage-inspired Barbie T-shirt is one of my favorite pieces. Pairing it with a skirt keeps up the girly vibe—bonus points if it’s black or pink leather to echo the motorcycle jackets peppered throughout the collection. The chocker adds edge by giving a nod to the ’90s, suggesting its wearer has watched at least one Kurt Cobain documentaryThe open toed flatforms add a touch of height but could easily be swapped for black boots for any places experiencing actual winter.

This look has a confidence to it. It is both tough and girly; the girl who rocks it is fashionable and unafraid. She’s a modern Barbie all grown up. Jeremy Scott would be proud.

Get My Look: 1. Barbie T-shirt. 2. Leather skirt. 3. Flatforms.