White dresses can be found in many retail stores this season, from flared to bodycons and the trendiest of all shift dresses. A little white dress can be worn to any sophisticated event such as, brunch, tea party, yacht party and even a nice waterfront restaurant. The great thing about dresses is that you don’t have to think of a bottom to match because it’s an outfit itself. Just find a pair of edgy shoes, jewelry, bag and flawless makeup to finish the look.

My look was inspired by the Jasmin Shokrian ready-to-wear collection. While looking through her collection, I spotted a lot of white. White dresses, trousers, blouses, blazers and shoes. Even though her garment selections were mostly white she threw in some dark colors into her collection, for example, navy blue. She continued with simple looks throughout her show and had the female models’ faces very natural and hair pulled back into a bun. Jasmin’s collection is like a blank sheet a paper with splatters of paint—very simple yet wearable and fashionable.

My look consisted of the stunning, comfortable yet stylish dress, the shift dress. I tried to incorporate Shokrian’s ready-to-wear style into my look. My dress has some similarities to look number seven in her collection. Both are shift dresses and have a rectangular shape and the same length. My dress has a threaded pattern on it while Shokrian’s was a simple white one. Along with my dress, I decided to add a hint of dark colors with my outfit. I chose navy blue, as seen in Jasmin’s collection. I included my favorite navy blue cross-body bag and my platform sandals. I really love this look. It’s very simple yet very chic and is the perfect go-to outfit. I have no doubt that I would wear this outfit again.

Get My Look: 1. Shift dress. 2. Sandals. 3. Cross-body bag.