STYLE GURU STYLE: A Scarf For Every Occasion

As a kid, I grew up amongst the tropical palm trees and blazing sun of Miami, Florida. For me, winter was just a season that started on December 1st and ended December 31st. On the coldest day I would be reminded to wear a cardigan, but even that would be quickly discarded by noon. So when I moved to Massachusetts, I found that my wardrobe needed to be expanded pronto! The first change I made was incorporating scarves into my outfits. They are easily my favorite accessory because they add warmth without compromising style. Scarves are versatile, too. They come in different colors, patterns, sizes and fabrics, which means there will always be an option for any look.

While looking for inspiration for a new look, I came across Valentino’s ready-to-wear collection from spring 2014. The show embraces one of my favorite statement pieces: the cape. Each look is heavily embroidered with rich, deep hues of turquoise, coral and red. The pieces are heavily structured and ornate, which generally conflicts with my personal casual style. However, the caped ensembles struck me as inordinately chic with their strong silhouettes.

To make this look my own, I simply draped a scarf as I would a cape. The soft fabric of the blue scarf retains my own casual aesthetic while incorporating the clean lines found in Valentino’s collection. I also kept the rest of my look minimal with a heather gray T-shirt tucked into a high-waisted black skirt. I wore black tights and a pair of black wedge ankle boots accented with gold zippers to elongate my legs.

Get My Look: 1. A large scarf. 2. A black high-waisted skirt. 3. A pair of black wedges.