STYLE GURU STYLE: A Reinvented Classic

February 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Why are there so many designer looks that make an appearance down the runway each year, yet you don’t see that same particular look make an appearance on the street? The answer is simple: fashion truly is a form of wearable art where the runway is how the designers present their pieces to an audience. Later on, similar looks are created to be more wearable for the everyday individual or more appropriate for particular events.

Wandering through, I came across a multitude of talent, though one designer stuck out in particular and is the inspiration for my look. My outfit is created based off the concepts of Anothony Vaccarello’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection, which takes inspiration from menswear and creates a woman’s look by adding a feminine touch.

When I think of men’s fashion, I traditionally envision a pair of slacks, button-down shirt and a jacket. This particular designer’s collection reminds me of that, with the models looking strong and confident in the pieces inspired by menswear. Adding a touch of femininity creates a whole new look, and form is brought to the pieces. This allows for a new shape and cut to be given to pieces like white button-downs. Button-downs are a classic among both men and women and are most commonly used for business looks.

Keeping the colors simple and the pieces consistent, Anthony Vaccarello is able to take a few simple pieces—such as leather jackets, blazers and printed tops—to create a variety of looks. I love look 10, which takes your simple button-down and a neutral-colored pair of slacks and turns it into a comfortable yet stylish business look. Inspiration from menswear and updated pieces create both excitement and variety to what comes down the runway.

I took my own approach to achieve a similar look inspired by the Anthony Vaccarello runway collection. The staple of my piece is a white button-down, but it is not in a typical style. The blouse has a collared neck with an oversized sweater appeal; it is loosely fitted and fell longer in the back than the front to give a high-low appearance. To keep with the theme of comfort, I wore my Paige Premium Denim jeans, which are very stretchy and oh-so comfortable. Trust me, if you’re in need of new jeans, I highly recommend you try a pair of Paige Premium Denim. To finish the look I wore short booties and a trench coat; both remind me of similar items you may find at a mens clothing store, and wearing them with my outfit kept to my overall theme of the runway collection.

There truly are no restrictions when it comes to style inspiration. By taking key pieces from men’s clothing and adding a feminine touch, you have yourself a great outfit.

Get My Look: 1. Suede booties. 2. Denim jeans. 3. Oversized button-down.