There is something about crisp, white short suits, fringe, multicolored tweed skirts and baby doll swing dresses that gets to me—maybe it’s the dressy-bohemian vibes these looks give off.  Maybe it’s because all the styles are very ‘60s inspired, which just so happens to be one of my favorite fashion decades. So when I saw all of these ‘60s-inspired looks on the runway of Rachel Zoe’s pre-fall 2015 collection, I couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

Rachel Zoe’s collection was the perfect combination of polished daywear pieces and chic nighttime party dresses. Most of the looks in her collection were all-black, all-white or a combination of the two. But she made sure to incorporate some fun, colorful and exotic pieces into the mix. Her collection perfectly conveyed the mod fashion of the ‘60s—exotic, geometric prints and a lot of black and white.

My favorite thing about her collection was, by far, the sweet baby doll swing dress. These dresses are perfect because they aren’t overly tight or overly loose—they look flattering on every body shape because of how they flare out.

So the ‘60s fashion lover in me adored every look in this collection, and I was propelled to my closet to find some pieces I could pair together to create the perfect mod-inspired outfit.

To recreate the ‘60s look, I started with my absolute favorite Urban Outfitters swing dress. I loved everything about this dress when I found it a couple of weeks ago—the black and white stripes, the high neck and the fit—and I thought it would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. The black and white stripes and the swing of the dress gives off the perfect mod vibe, so I knew I wanted to make it the focal point of my ’60s-inspired look.

Minnesota winters are brutally cold, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing dresses, even when temperatures are below freezing. So to stay warm and cozy, I paired my swing dress with a Free People kimono sweater jacket. I love the wing-like arms of the jacket, and I think it’s the perfect piece to pair with my dress for a very ‘60s hippie-chic look.

To complete my look, I wore a pair of simple black tights and my favorite Steve Madden chunky ankle boots. I made sure to keep all other pieces in my outfit simple because I wanted all eyes to be on the swing dress—the focal point of my outfit.

Certain styles always have a way of coming back around again, and this collection shows that ‘60s-inspired looks are here. So if you spot a swing dress or anything else that is ’60s inspired, make sure to buy it—they are fun and versatile pieces that make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

Get My Look: 1. A swing dress. 2. Chunky booties. 3. White eyeliner.