STYLE GURU STYLE: A Lacey Perspective

April 7th, 2016 at 2:06am

Mixing edgy and eclectic styles with soft lace is very exciting when it comes to fashion. It makes you step back, and really examine the look. Schiaparelli’s couture collection caught my eye instantly. It was bold, full of color, pattern and mixing unique styles together. The meaning behind Schiaparelli’s look is definitely breath taking, and makes you realize that fashion is here for us to express ourselves, and to tell a story.  Schiaparelli based the line on food. There were appetizers, evident inspiration from fine China, cutlery and vintage napkins in his looks. 

This really inspired me to think differently about mixing styles together (and it made me excited to go out to eat in this dress)! The “main course” of my outfit would be this gorgeous lace maxi dress from Anthropologie. All of the delicate detail in this dress really caught my eye. All of the gorgeous lace, rope and tassels really allowed this dress to be such a statement, while being so delicate. To spice the course up a bit, I paired the lace maxi dress with an edgy leather jacket and really let Schiaparelli’s mixture of styles come through. It allowed my look to have a more structured look, giving it a more modern feel. Adding to the eclectic and edgy style, I chose these cat eye sunglasses to give a little bit of color to the look through the amazing detail of the mirrored look. I incorporated these simple black booties to finish off the look.

I kept my makeup, nails and jewelery delicate, so it really allowed the softness of the lace to show through, just as Schiaparelli’s models did. Can’t wait to go out for a delicious lunch in this very eclectic yet soft look.

Get My Look: 1. Dress. 2. Sunglasses. 3. Leather jacket.