Winter can get pretty brutal in Montana. This usually results in burying stylish outfits in the depths of layers and oversized coats. Sometimes this looks incredibly chic and other times it’s significantly less fashionable. What I loved about the Camilla and Marc pre-fall collection was the way they made coats a part of the outfits. The pieces worked together so well that the coats made a statement and were an enhancement to the already gorgeous looks.

The Camilla and Marc collection featured a variety of looks, however, I did notice a trend in structured pieces, collared tops and loose waistlines. There was also a very sophisticated vibe throughout the collection which I felt inspired to recreate with my own spin. I’m wearing a structured gray pleated skirt, which mimics the cut of the Camilla and Marc pieces without being over the top for everyday wear. I went with a cream knitted sweater to make this outfit more weather appropriate but am dressing it up with a glittery statement necklace to keep it sophisticated. I also refrained from tucking in the sweater, to keep the waistline loose like the looks in the collection.

Of course I had to include a coat, so I’m layering a camel coat over the top of my look. The collar, buttons and structure of the coat are definitely reminiscent to the Camilla and Marc collection and I feel like it definitely brings a level of class and professionalism to the outfit. The collection also included an abundance of brown colored pieces so I figured sticking in that color family would work as an alternative, especially since camel complemented the color palette of this look so well.

The Camilla and Marc collection featured platform heels only—yikes! Not exactly wearable for dashing around campus all day long. I decided to go for a pair of black leather heeled booties instead, which add the height of the platforms without sacrificing comfort. To add more warmth, I’m wearing a pair of black tights. Black details were also fairly prevalent in this collection so I thought the booties and tights were the perfect finishing touch.

When you’re about to run out the door for class in the morning, it can be easy to just grab the first coat you see and be on your way. But by considering which coat you’re going to wear and how it works with the pieces in your outfit, you will definitely look more put together. Doing this will cause your coat to enhance your look and it won’t put a damper on the outfit underneath.

Get My Look: 1. A structured coat. 2. A statement necklace. 4. Heeled booties.