Hello beautiful people! My name is Zoe Myers and I’m a fifth year student at Ohio State University working towards a BFA in photography. My obsession with fashion is fresh, but I’m super eager to learn everything I can. I hope to one day photograph for a fashion magazine, blog or maybe someday shoot runway.

I’m a free spirit with a wild side and like to get jiggy with Depeche Mode. My personal style is a fun mix between boho and punk. On any given day you can see me rocking my combat boots and a flannel but every once in a while you can see me in a kimono and a flower crown. The thing I love the most about fashion is the freedom to express yourself in so many different ways. When taking pictures I like to create a story and how better to do this than with the help of clothing and accessories?

Besides fashion and photography I’m a normal 22-year-old woman. I love coffee dates and exploring my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. I like to keep busy by drawing and doodling in one of my hundreds of sketchbooks. As a former softball player I also enjoy watching and going to sporting events, especially OSU football!

Overall, from this internship I hope to gain lots of knowledge about fashion and blogging and I hope to have lots of fun shooting and editing my photos! I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and I hope to learn so much that my head gets big. “Don’t take life too seriously you’ll never get out alive”.