STYLE GURU BIO: Zoe Bernstein

Hello Fashionistas/os, my name is Zoe Bernstein and I am a second year advertising and marketing communications student double minoring in psychology and creative technology at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I am thrilled to be back for another semester at CollegeFashionista!

I have been in New York City for a little over a year now, and never once did I think that this move would have such a large impact on my life. Coming from a small town in Maine where nothing happened, I was completely overwhelmed when I first arrived to the city. Nevertheless, I loved the fast-paced energy that surrounded me. In New York City I no longer feel like an outsider, I am surrounded with people who have a yearning passion for the fashion industry like myself. I have met so many inspiring hardworking people in my career field during my time here. This internship has also helped me connect with Style Gurus at various college campuses around the country. Each day that passes while I am here, I feel as if I am one step closer to achieving the dream.

My style has immensely evolved throughout my time at college so far. I know that it is mostly due to the fact that I go to a school that embraces expressing oneself through his or her clothes and accessories. If you wear something that’s considers a bit avant-garde, people on campus aren’t going to give you weird looks like they did in high school. Instead they will look at you with admiration for not letting other define how you dress. Before I came to FIT, I would have never had the courage to wear my creepers in the hallways of high school. Now, I happily stomp around the city in them and I don’t care if people (mainly just my dad) thinks that they look like clown shoes. This past year has been full of experimenting with different styles and silhouettes as I continue trying to find my own personal style.

Thank you to those who have been following me on this journey and I’m looking forward to creating more RAD posts for this next semester.