STYLE GURU BIO: Zhenya Hutson

January 9th, 2015 at 2:10am
STYLE GURU BIO: Zhenya Hutson

Howdy! My name is Zhenya Hutson, and I am a junior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities majoring in Retail Merchandising with a minor in Management. I am a transfer student, and this is going to be my second semester at the U, so I am pretty excited about scoring this internship.

I was born and raised in Russia. My mom made most of my clothes through middle school and high school. So I love everything handmade and unique.

After traveling through Europe and the US, I ended up in Minnesota. People often compare it to Russia and assume I am used to the cold. I honestly hate the cold and wish I lived somewhere warmer. That’s the plan after I graduate!

I have been fortunate to live in New York City for two years, and moving to the Midwest was definitely an adjustment. But I have managed to make great connections and build relationships with some amazing people. I can’t wait to meet even more people on campus through this internship.

I am a blogger myself; I write a style and beauty blog called BeingZhenya. I have been blogging for almost four years, and it’s been one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in my life. But my friends and family are extremely supportive and helpful.

My favorite items in my closet are my Frye boots, vintage sweaters, my black beanie from men’s department at Target and random pieces.

My style changes on a daily basis depending on my mood and where I am going that day, so it’s always different and never boring.

A few more fun facts about me:

– I am married.

– I am fluent in Russian and English, and can speak some German.

– If I was given a choice of a destination vacation, I will pick New York City 100 percent of the time.

– I have been featured on a cover of a local style magazine called TC Style.

– My mom was on an episode of What Not To Wear.

I hope this helps you learn more about me. I will be sharing some of my looks, as well as scouting Fashionistas/Fashionistos on campus here in Minnesota.