Hello, there! My name is Wasi Ferdus, and I happen to be one of your many Style Gurus here on CollegeFashionista for the duration of the 2016 spring semester. That means that beyond my usual photographing in the studio, I will be venturing out into the great outdoors photographing Fashionistas/os all over campus.

This is my first time interning with CollegeFashionista, and I could not be more excited. As a commercial photography major at Laguardia Community college, fashion plays an important role in my everyday life, since my goal in the future is to be a full time fashion photographer. The Big Apple has been my home since, well, forever. As a plus size woman, my mantra is that style and comfort have to find a happy medium. This recent warm winter weather has me scurrying around my wardrobe figuring out what to wear because one moment, it feels like it’s spring and the next it’s freezing cold.

My go-to shoes, which I also consider to be classics, are my Timberlands. I have had them for a while, and they seem to go with every casual outfit I have. One of my favorite shirts that I have is a denim button-up from Target. The green jacket is also a hot staple in my closet. The jeans are Levi Brand Jeans. Also, when I have a bad hair day, I tend to wear a beanie. For carrying my things around, my bags changes. If it’s just a small errand, I tend to carry around a clutch like this one from Payless.

I am still trying to figure out what my true style is. I have gone through many fashion phases in my life. My overall style is all over the place. One day, I’ll go from everyday casual to something bright and bubbly.

I am so excited to begin my first semester as a Style Guru. LaGuardia Community College has students from all over the world with their own individual style, and I cannot wait to share them with you all!!