Hello there fellow Fashionistas, my name is Wasi. This is now my second semester contributing to CollegeFashionista! I am so excited to be back since the CollegeFashionista community is such an inspiring environment to be in. It has not only helped me grow as a photographer but also as a writer.

My personal style has grown over these past few months but as I’ve said before “As a plus size woman, my mantra is that style and comfort have to find a happy medium”. With the New York City summer weather being so hot this year I’ve kept my outfit in these photos simple and casual.

A style perk that I think is most comfortable is men’s T-shirts, not only because most times they tend to be cheaper than women’s T-shirts but because of how much comfier they are because of size. Black leggings always tend to be classic style staple in most girls’ closet. They seem to go with any outfit. For my shoes, I like wearing flats more than heels because of the speed in which I’m walking, but most importantly comfort for my feet so they don’t end up hurting. I am a makeup lover. My latest infatuation is liquid lipsticks. Gone are the days of lipstick being on three hours and hello to not applying lipstick even after multiple cups of coffee. This gray purple color from Jeffree Star is just the little hint of color to make your overall look cool. Most importantly sunglasses are always a must to keep the scorching summer sun out of your eyes.

Overall, I am glad to be back as a Style Guru. I cannot wait to see what this #RAD semester brings to the table. I look forward to reading all of the articles you guys will be writing.