STYLE GURU BIO: Vanessa Galindo

Living in South Florida has its perks: from the sun, to the year-round perfect weather, the beach and having Disney World in my backyard (add three hours to that trip). I love living in Miami, it is truly my favorite place to be. Besides living in the sunshine state, there is more to me than where I live.

I am an interesting kind of gal. I have specific obsessions with sloths, Disney, typography and food (most importantly, pizza). Where do you find me? Either at home with Netflix on, or in Wynwood driving around and taking candids on Instagram or artistic pictures of the walls.

The beauty about living in South Florida, especially during the winter time, is that we truly don’t have seasons but summer all year around. That means dresses and strappy sandals all year around for me. For this brunch occasion, I decided to wear the perfect wine maxi dress and black floppy hat to reminisce winters up north. For me, it is not what you were, but how you were you it makes an outfit your own. How did I dress it up? my favorite Kate Spade purse and my Quay Australia sunglasses. These two items make me feel fabulous no matter what I wear. The last item and the one thing that I never leave my house with are my Alex and Ani bracelets. I have a slight obsession with these bracelets because they tell my story in fun and unique way. Put these elements together, and you have the perfect brunching outfit.

When it comes to my personality, I have been described as classy, vibrant, independent, creative, bubbly and charismatic. But those are just the simple things of who I am.

I am a firm believer in the hashtags and the semicolon movement. You will find either Pintrest or Adobe Photoshop open on my Mac with a cup of hot black tea in my hand. Vanessa Galindo is an overachiever and a creative soul. If there is one word that would describe my motivation is meraki. Meraki is a Greek noun that means: the soul, creativity or love put into something; the essence of yourself that is put into your world. A perfect word that makes me wake up in the morning, push that alarm button on snooze, and get dress to conquer one more day. In the future, I hope to succeed in many things: to an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a typographer and especially a creator in art and life.