STYLE GURU BIO: Valerie Hull

Hey Fashionista/os! My name is Valerie Hull, and I’m a sophomore here at UC Berkeley majoring in Media Studies. I’m originally from sunny San Diego, and this is my first semester as a Style Guru. I’m excited to show you all the unique and wonderful styles of the student body. While my interests may not lie directly within the fashion industry, I’ve always loved fashion and seeing the way that media and social media interact with each individual’s personal style, allowing them to promote their personal “brand.” Needless to say, I’m excited to go out and find Fashionista/os who embrace their personal style and wear it proudly.

Berkeley is a wonderful, eclectic city that takes pride in its unique nature, and the people do too. While there are tons of ways to express your individuality, my favorite way to get a glimpse of who people are is through their sense of style. A self-proclaimed lover of all things casual, my personal style is one of simplicity and some boho influence, as well as anything athletic.

For this outfit, I’m wearing is a classic Free People slip. I’m in love with them and for good reason. They line my closet because you can wear them on their own, layer them like it’s your job or combine them with super cute leggings, no matter the season! For the summer, I love to keep it simple, so a couple fun bangles, fun, colored string bracelets and a simple stone necklace finish this outfit off. Wedges are a must-have all the time because they’re easy to walk in, and they’re fashionable, especially with this breezy dress. Does it get any better?

While I love my fashion comfort zone, summer is the perfect time to step out of it and test out new styles and trends. I am so excited to take inspiration from the students here on campus and share their awesome styles with all of you! Stay tuned for my posts every Tuesday, and get excited for a summer of style!