Hey there, Fashionistas! Its that time of year again to blog about the latest and hottest trends on campus. This will be my third semester blogging with CollegeFashionista and I couldn’t be more excited. CollegeFashionista has opened my eyes to the world of fashion blogging. They have allowed me to use my eye for fashion, photography skills and writing ability every month. As a junior Fashion and Digital Marketing student, CollegeFashionista’s real world experience has proven to me that this is exactly what I want to do with my life. Check in with me all semester to get the latest tips and tricks on how to become a Fashionista on your campus. You never know you could be the next person I come up to.

Throughout the semester you will see how I infuse my style in the articles. Like most fashion gurus, I love black. I think it is the most chic color out of the whole pantone scale. It not only goes with every outfit, but it makes you look slimmer, and don’t we all want that? Although I love a good monochromatic outfit, I do like to add a pop of color or an accessory to make the outfit look a little less goth. I have a complete a total obsession with vests. Whether their fur, suede, leather etc. I love them all. It is a great way to change up a look or give it a different vibe. Scarves and wraps work the same way; different ones give off a different vibe to your outfit. In my outfit you will also notice the slight holes by the knee in my jeans; these have been trending this season and are a must-have in every girl’s closet. They are very versatile, too. You can dress it up for a night out or wear them to class—it is definitely worth investing in a pair.