January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

My name is Tja and I was born in Los Angeles. I am currently a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder and majoring in journalism with an additional field of study in political science. My family on my mom’s side is very Swedish (my grandmother was born in Sweden), which is why my name is spelled with a J.

Out of school, I love photography and I often venture out into the city (either Boulder or Los Angeles) to find inspiration and different style ideas. I am also involved with the club, Students for Hillary at my school and I write for Spoon University, which recently opened a chapter at my school.

I have always had a passion for fashion. In the past I admired the styles of people at my high school who really went out of their way to stand out and make a statement with what they were wearing, giving me the inspiration and courage as well. My first summer working at a restaurant I saved up and bought a Marc Jacobs purse, which launched my fascination for trends and peaked my enthusiasm for different designers’ styles.

My interest in pursuing a career in the fashion industry is inspired by my work experience and travels. Last summer I moved to New York City to work as an editorial intern for the Lifestyle section of The Huffington Post. Working as an intern in New York City I was really in the midst of high fashion and the off-duty street style. Using the inspiration of New York City I further cultivated my personal style based on fashion editors and distinctive street styles.

I have also traveled to Paris, which for me ultimately embodies high fashion. Everyone I saw looked so put together and in the know, which gave me something to work toward. I see fashion as a personal statement that gives insight to a person’s interests and personality. My inspiration comes from Instagram and the people I see on the streets, those who know the current trends and those who pull from different eras of fashion.

I strive to show my unique personal style and interest in high fashion and trends based on what I wear every day. I love capturing fashion moments in time through photography. I look forward to capturing a wide array of styles of different people for every day events.