January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Tessa Tudor, and I am ecstatic to be joining the CollegeFashionista team for spring 2015.  I am currently a sophomore at the University of Washington, majoring in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

Growing up in a household with two sisters, (and all of us being extremely alike), it’s always been important for me to express my individuality through fashion. I aim to derive my style from my emotions or mood, and dress myself in a way that allows strength, and confidence to be emanated. I like to add my own personal staple to every look, such as vintage or symbolic jewelry. That way, each outfit I wear has a meaning and a specific story behind it.

One of my hobbies is spending countless hours reading blogs, magazines and watching YouTube videos to find new inspiration and keep up with ever-changing trends.  Apart from CollegeFashionista, I love catching up on What COURTNEY Wore , The Fashion Bybel and Sincerely, Jules.

My signature look is one that expresses my outlook on the day; I like to feel put together, and confident to make my day as productive as possible. My staple is layering sweaters, necklaces, rings, scarves and more. Fashion is constantly changing, so I enjoy experimenting with it and allowing myself to be inspired by the streets of Seattle and the unique individuals that walk them.

Everyone knows that Seattle is famous for its rain, but who says Seattleites are limited to rain boots and rubber jackets? The wonder of Seattle’s fashion scene is everyone’s ability to acclimate their personal style to a variable of outdoor conditions. The University of Washington is full of eclectic characters with a myriad of different styles. I am looking forward to sharing the creativity of the student body with all of the Fashionistas/os reading my posts. Walking through campus, I am continuously in awe of the eccentric, beyond the bounds style choices made by my peers, and their undisputed drive to express their artistry through fashion.

The fashion spotlight tends to land on people with lavish funds and luxurious belongings. However, it is those that have the dexterity to dress for any occasion, and flatter any body type while always maintaining their individual flare that are the real Fashionistas/os in this world. Those that have the passion to ignite the inspiration and confidence in others to turn simple things into signature pieces are the real tried and true style gurus.

To me, style is eternal and as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru, I hope to bring my readers the enthusiasm and motivation to make mistakes, and find their own identity through fashion, as I do the same.

Look out for my posts every Wednesday!