Hello there, fellow fashion enthusiasts! My name is Tess Cimino and I’m a freshman at Marist College in New York. I am majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Global Studies. This spring will be my second semester and I am so excited to be a Style Guru and share all my inspirations, ideas and photographs with you lovely people.

I grew up in Southern California but I always dreamed about moving to New York City and living in the Big Apple. Now that I am in New York, everyday I get the opportunity to live out my dreams and I try to embrace this to the fullest extent. The result of this idea to “seize the day” has resulted in modeling in fashion shows, interning for Oscar de la Renta and so much more. I am constantly on the move, trying to balance schoolwork, internships and fun all at the same time. I can never be found in the same place and am always on the move, so try and keep up!

Ever since my first day of kindergarten, I never let my style be defined through someone else. From tie-dye shirts to fringe jeans with beaded accessories, I always made a statement. My sense of individuality and style defined me throughout my years in school. I was never into what everyone else liked because I could never fathom the idea of fitting in. I have always been quirky and bold, especially with what I wear. Clothes are the easiest way to express my bubbly, kind and unique personality to the outside world.

My style is very unique and adventurous like myself. I love ripped jeans, lace, long dresses, big jackets and my adidas sneakers. You can almost guarantee all of my outfits will be topped with a statement necklace or some form of unique jewelry. I am obsessed with all things vintage and my laid back bohemian style represent this perfectly. My wardrobe consists of designer pieces stolen from my mother’s closet, thrift store finds and interesting patterns collected from markets and shops around the world.

I am truly passionate about trying to make the world a better place and I believe that through fashion, journalism, photography and art that this is possible. I will try to show you the ways of fair trade and ecologically/environmentally friendly practices throughout this semester as well.

I am so excited to combine my passions of writing, photography and fashion to share with you the styles on my campus and around New York. Be sure to check out my posts every month!