Hello! My name is Teah, like a cup of tea with an ‘h’ pinned at the end. I am now a senior (aka a grandma) studying communication and psychology at the University at Albany. Growing up, I flipped through Vogue and never failed to be mesmerized by the elegance of the ever-changing world of fashion. Creativity is everything to me—singing, writing, drawing, photography—with fashion being the most dynamic and fluctuating because we live it every day.

My personal style has a wide range, depending amusingly enough on my mood and the weather. Raining outside? I might go for a comfy, oversize sweater and bulky boots for a more collegiate look. Sunny and warm? My go-to might be a bohemian knitted halter paired with sandals and baggy shorts. Whenever people ask what my style is on any given day, I smile and respond, “It’s just me!” People aren’t perfect cookie cutters; therefore, I decide the morning I wake up what my ensemble will be that day.

For this look, I paired my 1970s bell-bottoms with a simple black fitted off-the-shoulder top and chunky platform pumps. To add a pop of color (besides the bright red lipstick) I wore a lime green crossbody pouch. A statement necklace and some bling around my wrist help to play up this seemingly simple ensemble.

Regardless of my love for fashion, I am still an insanely busy college student and love to pop on sweats and keep it low-key when I head to class . With that being said, however, the motto I try to live by is fake it ’til you make it. If you dress for success and look good, I guarantee it will help you feel good, too. So, take an extra five minutes in the morning to put together an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. That way, when people ask you what your amazing outfit of the day is, you can smile and respond, “It’s just me!”