STYLE GURU BIO: Taylor Himelstein

Hey there! My name is Taylor Himelstein and I’m a passionate retail, merchandise, and product development student at the ever-so-sunny Florida State University. I currently reside in my own little colorful dream world I’ve created for myself and my life sized, pink, furry unicorn Lolli (I’m not even kidding).

Over the years, I have come to a realization that dreaming big is a lot more interesting (and fun) than taking reality what it’s for and settling in this established “bubble,” which is why I am beyond thankful that I was brought up with my creative, outside-the-box mind. Whether I spend three hours assembling outfits or an entire day painting or illustrating my life away, you will always find me creating, expressing and most likely singing a song that I pretend to know the words to.

I don’t leave the house without my life-saving daily planner and at least seven outfit changes that result in a very unpredictable ensemble. The way I dress is solely based off of how I’m feeling at the moment or what has recently inspired me. It could range from stealing an idea from ’70s-inspired Penny Lane in Almost Famous, to channeling my inner tom-boy and throwing on boyfriend jeans and my high-top Converse. Styling is a form of art that can turn to be a very personal thing, it can allow you to turn your vision into a beautiful reality. That right there is the most incredible part about fashion and what draws me the most; the alterations, creations, integrations and overall inspirations that could lead to a jaw dropping ensemble that makes you realize why you entered the industry in the first place.