STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Ventolo

Hello fellow fashion lovers! My name is Sydney and this is my first semester as a Style Guru and I am SO excited! I am a fashion merchandising major and a business management minor at Stevenson University so I’m sure you could imagine why this is a thrilling experience for me. I am approaching my senior year and plan on spending my last summer as a “free woman” exploring all different types of fun summer activities and, of course, all the perfect outfits to go with them. As a lover of many styles, and two-time recipient of my sorority’s formal award of “Fashionista,” I can say I have found my passion in this industry.

Growing up, I was always interested in fashion. Through out my life, when asked what I wanted to do, I knew the answer was always fashion. There is something so compelling about this industry and it truly is a work of art to me. Fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself so I’ll let me outfit do the talking!

Although a little more on the casual side for me, this is a perfect spring-to-summer transition ensemble. My staple maroon V-neck is the perfect item for any season. I love to throw this on under a cardigan in the winter and tie up for a simple crop top in the summer! Since I went with a simpler T-shirt, I paired it with these awesome floral pants. Being linen, they are super cute and light weight, perfect to wear to the beach! Above all, my absolute favorite part of this outfit is none other than my Invader Sunglasses. Yes, I do have millions of pairs of sunglasses and yes, I have a sunglass obsession but these are my favorite simply because of their unique shape. The Invaders are the perfect accessory for pretty much any outfit and they will definitely stand out in a crowd! Moving down to my feet, I am sporting new black sandals, which happen to be another favorite. They are simple but can still be dressed up or dressed down. And to finish off this work of art, I added two small necklaces, a chocker and slightly longer, triangle pendant necklace. Both are great for mixing and matching.

Now this outfit basically describes me as person, its fun, colorful and has some unique qualities! I think you get the picture.

Be sure to follow my articles! I’m looking forward to finding some great summer fashion and sharing it with you!