STYLE GURU BIO: Sumaiyah Ali

Hey everyone! My name is Sumaiyah Ali, and this is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista. I am a freshman at George Mason University, currently majoring (or dying) in biology. On most days you can find me anxiously waiting in the Starbucks line, five minutes before my next class starts, which is (in)conveniently located across campus. With a passion for both science and fashion, I often find myself battling between wanting to be the next The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly, or the next Grey’s Anatomy’s Miranda Bailey.

Growing up, my grandmother would use her magic to find ways to turn old fabric we had into dresses and skirts for me to twirl around in all through the house. As I got older, I tried my hand at the sewing machine any chance that I had, and eventually found a passion for turning something old into a brand new, re-wearable outfit.

My day-to-day style changes based on what I’m feeling when I wake up in the morning. If it’s a sunny day outside with a light breeze I’d opt for a full length kimono and high-waited trousers. If it’s a chilly, “why is it the middle of December and hasn’t snowed yet” day, I’d grab my favorite blanket scarf and dark plum lipstick. In this look, I chose a semi-tribal print fringed sweater which is perfect for those warmer winter days. I paired it with my favorite camel colored scarf, as well as my bright blue satchel, which I never leave the house without. This is a very easy look to replicate on mornings when you want to look put together, but would like to do so with minimum effort.

Walking around campus, I am always amazed by the many different ways people choose to express themselves in their clothing. In my first semester as a Style Guru, I am very excited to show you all of the Fashionistas/os that GMU has to offer!