Flashback to 18-year-old me, beginning college along with my journey at CollegeFashionista, awkwardly approaching strangers to capture their photograph for the evolving college fashion website with my mind already fueling content about my next feature. Throughout my CollegeFashionista evolution, I’ve created content for categories that no longer even exist, solidified my approach pitch (as well as personal conversation starter confidence!) and expanded from Style Guru to editor. From nervous applier to seasoned intern, my journey is one I will continuously reminisce on.

In my original biography, I stated, “It is my personal mission to showcase unique, individual style around my University and state,” and through hundreds of street style moments, I’m very much pleased with the incredibly diverse portfolio I’ve amassed and showcased. It’s exciting, slightly nerve-wracking and incredible to be writing my final STYLE GURU BIO as I reflect upon my undergraduate career. Four incredible years have elapsed, and as I look toward the future, I hope to be exploring foreign cities in an oversized button-down while amassing local treasures or gallivanting around domestic territory in my staple hat and booties. Wherever I may be, I am deeply appreciative that CollegeFashionista has been a part of my evolution since my very first semester.

So, shout out to18-year-old me with overt ambition to apply for the position she’d appreciate as a creative outlet to balance abundant international studies coursework, but also simply for the sake of enjoying what I do. Currently, here’s to college senior Storm comprised of a willingly adventurous, grateful and rad spirit—a culmination of my CollegeFashionista experiences. And finally, much love to all of you for learning, growing and allowing me the opportunity to showcase what I love.

It’s with much delight that I challenge you to discontinue your sartorial slump as I present to you my final semester of beautiful Bobcats. Eat em’ up, cats!