Hello everyone! My name is Sophie and I’m still making my way through my own thoughts in my second year of studying English and French at the University of Toronto. My proudest accomplishment right now? Snagging this super comfy wool turtleneck at only a fraction of its price during Black Friday sales.

I find inspiration in everything, from that beautiful spread in the latest Vogue issue, to a memorable line from a Henry James novel, to the gorgeous work done by my friends in art school. I also like to look at older things, whether it’s pictures of my mother in a cashmere sweater during her school days, a vintage spread from Glamour in the ’60s, or little gems in the corner of thrift shops, because they tell stories that never end and raise a glass to lives previously lived and secrets previously told. The proof? This faux fur coat I’m wearing is one of those gems.

This winter has been a little unusual. We haven’t had much snow, so the back of coffee shops and school buildings are filled with dead leaves and wet litter. It’s not exactly charming, but that saves us from spending too much on boots, and instead splurge on statement pieces, such as velvet blouses, leather jackets and bold jewelry. Since my personal style can go anywhere from minimalistic Helmut Lang to almost as extravagant as Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, I tend to gravitate my outfit around one single statement piece, so that I myself don’t get lost. Again, the proof? The outfit I’m wearing.

I like to think that perfection is boring, and long legs are overrated, which is why my favourite pieces at the moment are chic saddle bags and high-waisted jeans. Bags completely carry our lives in their messiest form, and high rise denim casually makes having short legs more fun.

I’m beyond thrilled to be able to showcase the awesome street style in Toronto, mixed with my own perspective on winter fashion this semester. I hope everyone agrees that having a cute evening dress to wear and good people to be kind to are the nicest things anyone could ask for.