STYLE GURU BIO: Simone Pierce

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionista/os! My name is Simone Pierce. I am from South Florida and I just completed my freshman year at the University of Michigan where I study Art, Design and Entrepreneurship in apparel. My studies in fashion and the arts along with my passion for building my own business have allowed me to become very aware of the current trends that exist at my university.

Today, my outfit is very reflective of my personal style. My American Apparel wooden heel sandals were perfect for the Sunshine State, as well as the springtime in Ann Arbor. The button-up plaid midi skirt from Anthropologie is a perfect length and compromise for ambiguous weather. Leaving the lower buttons undone allows the legs to breath in warmer weather and buttoning them up keeps the legs protected from the chilly breeze. The plaid skirt currently in stock at the store does not have the buttons; however a silk striped alternative is available with the buttons. Additionally, The House of Harlow 1969 Karma Wrap Bracelet style is a simple way to add a bit of a bohemian edgy look to any outfit. My Cobo International bag is also a small, versatile, quality type of purse that I highly recommend every college student to invest in. It is both a practical and cute addition to any look.

Due to my passion for artistic creation, one of my hobbies is customizing apparel. I love tailoring my own clothing as well as drawing up graphic designs. Shop Nostalgic, an Etsy shop started by my talented friend Ashley Nordlinger, is where I first began these designs. This online shop is inspired by ’70s urban and beachy trends that are reflective of the styles in South Florida.

Having moved eight times—from places such as West Palm Beach to cities like Shanghai—my personal style is inspired by the accumulation of experiences from these travels. My experience growing up in many cities has taught me to welcome all concepts of fashion as well as pursue individual innovations in style. I intend on gaining some of this inspiration from my peers at the University of Michigan, as well as all of the campuses represented by CollegeFashionista.

Being in Ann Arbor for less than a year, I have already been submerged in unfamiliar territories and posed with the dilemma of dressing for the arctic tundra. Being a novice in winter fashion was a great challenge with only a boho soflo wardrobe and some coats Mom passed down from the ’80s. However, I believe strongly that it put me in the unique position of uninfluenced creativity when it was time to put together a photoshoot ready outfit in below zero degree weather. I encourage everyone to continue to perceive themselves as amateurs in fashion, as it will erase the limit that clothing can do for them both aesthetically and functionally. Through my posts, I hope to creatively influence the outfit decisions in your daily life.