STYLE GURU BIO: Sibongile Toure

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Sibongile Toure, a senior computer science major at “The Mecca”, Howard University. Being at Howard University has been an amazing experience and has given me a chance to not only cultivate my mind but my style and my sense of self as well. Having been interested in fashion since I was a little girl, I grew up watching Project Runway and reading all the Seventeen magazines I could get my hands on. I discovered CollegeFashionista in my senior year of high school and decided this year to take a leap of faith and apply; so I am looking forward to writing for you this spring!

Going to college, I really think cemented my love for fashion. In high school I loved picking outfits and trying many different trends, some more successful than others. I had planted the seeds, but once I got to college, it really began to flourish. Since starting school I’ve tried so many different styles from classic to edgy, depending on the day and my mood. I read somewhere once that when you look your best even a bad day can be a good one because you feel good about yourself. I think that is what really draws me in about fashion, how a single outfit or even a single accessory can make a person feel like a million bucks.

Outside of my love for fashion, I also have a major love for travel having been to several places across the world including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Istanbul, Romania, Beijing, Shanghai and Paris. I plan to go to as many more as possible. Having gotten a chance to experience different cultures and see how we are so different but also similar is what made me fall in love with traveling.

Being from Brooklyn, I have seen so many different sorts of styles because in NYC you can truly see anything. I think that is in part what inspires my personal style. As I mentioned before I try not to limit my style to any one thing because I never want to get stuck in a box, but to choose a few ways I would describe my style I would say I’m classic, bohemian, girly and a little edgy.

I hope you all enjoy my articles, and I look forward to seeing you on campus this spring!