STYLE GURU BIO: Shireen Afkari

Hello, my fellow Fashionista/os! My name is Shireen Afkari and I am a senior at UC Davis majoring in psychology with minors in communication and professional writing. I have a newly ignited passion for journalism and always had an inherent love for fashion, so I am super stoked to combine both as a Style Guru! Fashion is so important to me and molds my identity, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my style along with the style of other Fashionista/os with you all!

When I first moved to Davis last year as a junior transfer my biggest worry was that there was no mall in the small cow town and I had to drive a good 25 miles if I needed to do some retail therapy. Needless to say, that is when I discovered one of my hidden talents, online shopping. Although it is now an addiction, I have found better deals online than I would in stores. Let’s face it, if you love fashion you most likely follow the overwhelming array of fashion blogs and become obsessed with certain styles you want to recreate to make your own. This can sometimes be pricey, but trust me, I am all about making a $30 look $200. All you need is the right accessories, attitude and mindset.

I have changed a lot throughout my college years and with that so has my style. My style changes based on my mood. I cannot say I have one specific style or way I like to dress. I can go from preppy-chic to boho, to grungy all based on the way I am feeling that day. This is why I love fashion so much! It is the ultimate form of self-expression and experimentation. As a psychology major, I do know that when you look good, you feel good. Research has actually shown that clothing has a significant impact on people’s cognitive processing style. More formal clothing resulted in more abstract cognitive processing. So remember, when you have a big exam or presentation, managing a bit of time to look good will make you perform better!

I must say that I do stick to a specific color scheme, and that is basically all neutral and solid colors. You can never go wrong with a classic “all black everything” outfit. Black is so sleek and sexy, and I always feel so sophisticated, empowered and chic whenever I wear it. Also, I love anything denim. I am obsessed with my jean jacket because I can dress it up or down depending on what top, bottoms or shoes I wear and what my goal is for that day. There is also nothing I love more than a nude lipstick stain on the lid of my almond milk latte and clean neutral nail color. This can make any look you are going for look super posh!

I believe every individual’s outfit and style tells a different story and I am excited to explore and learn more about the Fashionista/os on my campus!