STYLE GURU BIO: Shannon Steffan

Hello fellow Style Gurus, my name is Shannon Steffan, and I am currently halfway to the finish line of my photography program. This will be my second semester with CollegeFashionista, which I am thrilled about. Being a Style Guru has connected me with many like-minded Fashionistas around the globe, furthering my passion for fashion and photography.

I am currently writing this post from Auckland, New Zealand, where I am visiting friends and family for the holidays. It is not nearly this warm back home in Toronto where I can rock a dress without shivering from the cold. I am enjoying every moment as it comes.

Being part of the kiwi culture, you become one with the ocean and sand between your toes, making bare feet part of your everyday wardrobe. This was an extremely hard concept for me considering I have a closet filled with shoes. Unfortunately, I broke my ankle two weeks before this trip and only packed my right-foot shoes in my suitcase, so I had to roll with what I had.

I’ve become obsessed with anything and everything vintage. During my travels, I wander into flea markets to find vintage-styled jewelry, bags… you name it. So typically when I spot a leather vintage handbag, I simply cannot refuse. I seem to have an act for finding unique accessories for my outfits from around the globe, specifically rings and earrings (because they’re easy to pack).

My photography has led me into a world where I simply cannot sit still. I’m always itching for a new adventure. I love to connect with other creative types online, so be sure to connect with me on Instagram (my daily obsession) and be part of the adventure.