STYLE GURU BIO: Shannon Mayembe

Hi everyone and welcome to CollegeFashionista! My name is Shannon and this is my second semester with the site and I’m so excited to show off my stylish campus. For new writers, welcome! For those have already been around the block, let’s show them what we got.

A little about myself first; I am a sophomore at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. I’m studying biology and public relations and I hope to go to medical school and get my masters in public relations. I live for sports and music and it’s a problem.

My style is all over the place. I love fancy, extravagant clothing, but I often shop at Forever 21 and Old Navy. I also live in athletic clothes because I love running. I think having different sides to a person makes them more interesting and I would like to think that I’m interesting.

Cargo pants are honestly the hardest article of clothing to find. I have looked for years for a pair that are not crazy expensive and over the summer—I found them. Thanks to the Gap and a huge fourth of July sale, I am the proud owner of cargo pants. Another piece in my closet that has been hard to find are the booties I’m wearing. I had been looking around for a pair that look like the famed Timberland boots, but I never found a good enough copy. Thanks to a buy one, get one for 10 dollars sale at Charlotte Russe, I now own a pair. So there is hope when looking for trending items, you just have to look long and hard.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season and is successful in their studies!