STYLE GURU BIO: Sasha Medina

Hey Fashionista/os! My name is Sasha. I am a freshman at Weber State University in northern Utah. Nothing makes me happier than big dogs and babies (although chocolate is a close 3rd place). I’m a bit of an adrenaline junky. I love the outdoors! To me nature is the most pure and beautiful form of art, which is why we photograph it and recreate it in so many ways. Although snow boarding, cliff jumping and rock climbing are my idea of a good time, my mind is almost always occupied with fashion and design, and it has been since I was very young.

I have had two dream jobs over the course of my 19 years: The first was a fighter pilot, obviously. That lasted all of elementary and part of junior high. The second was and currently is a designer. From a very young age, I had my opinions on the matter. According to my mom this possibly started around age three, when I refused to wear the outfit she had picked out for me because I insisted that I couldn’t wear a denim jacket with my blue jeans because the denims wear not at all the same. I most likely used a slightly different vocabulary back then, but I still stand by my three year old decision. Denim and denim can be very tricky to pull off. It was the ’90s, but I just was not having it. I mean think of all the important places I had to go when I was three.

My love for art came later and some were in between the two collided. I say I want to be a designer because I like the idea of creating whats in my head but in reality I could be happy doing a number of things and I’m eager and excited for future adventures in getting a little closer to finding out what I love and what I’m good at. All you can hope is that one day those two things match up, right?

Now that we have covered my hobbies, me as a toddler and my career goals, here is me on a slightly deeper level. I had a pretty non-traditional high school experience. My senior year I discovered I was pregnant and five months later I lost my son (Makai). He was born premature and just couldn’t make it on his own quite yet. I very strongly believe that when something terrible happens you have the power to decide if you are hurt, or if you are injured. Injuries can completely disable someones life but being hurt means one day you will eventually heal. So I chose to be hurt, and I’m definitely stronger for it.

I took night classes and earned my diploma. I have a great job that I enjoy, definitely my favorite since I was 15. I started college this fall at Weber and I plan on attending IFA (International Fashion Academy) in Paris to earn my Bachelors in fashion design after I graduate and once I save up and then save up some more! I’m so excited to learn from this experience hear at CollegeFashionista! To share with you my style views along with the beautiful Fashionista/os here on my campus and hopefully grow as a writer and photographer. Thank you so much for reading along and getting a little glimpse of me I truly appreciate it! Now I’ll stop ranting and go find all of you some beautiful outfits to crush on. wish me luck, and happy New Year!