To all returning Fashionistas/os, welcome back, and to all new Fashionistas/os, welcome aboard! I’m Sarah Yung, a senior English and film studies major, and I’ll be serving as your connection to all things stylish at University of the Pacific this semester. 

From minimalism to mixing prints, my personal aesthetic tends toward the volatile, to say the least. As it’s difficult to describe concisely, I’ll let my outfit do the talking for me. Lately, I’ve felt a renewed affection for the little details, like vintage scarves and lace socks, that help transform outfits into meticulously layered creations. This particular look reveals my whimsical, Francophile and vintage-loving tendencies, with high-waisted flare jeans, stripes galore and a classic pair of oversized sunglasses.

A new staple in my wardrobe, this Alexa Chung x AG Jeans’ Sacred Monster shirt takes its text from the French phrase monstre sacré, which arose in the 1980s to define a celebrity beloved despite her eccentricities. That essentially describes the relationship between my fashion sense and my friendsthe latter goes out with me in spite of my outfits, which have been called everything from “cute and creative” to “crazy and catastrophic.” I consider both categories compliments.

As for my shoe selection, these vintage cream bowling shoes with their complementary maroon laces were inherited from one of my own style icons: my grandma, a fun-loving lady composed of equal parts elegance and humor, polish and panache. She inspires me every day to sample ensembles from every era and layer like no one’s watching. 

As a film studies major and amateur auteur, I recognize the value of aesthetics: how elements like color and chiaroscuro and costuming can affect our moods and interactions with ourselves and with the world. As an English major, I recognize the joy that comes from describing those aesthetics as richly and accurately as possible. Thus, I’m pleased to be taking up the Style Guru mantle again for my fourth semester here at CollegeFashionista.

This winter and spring, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and pull up this column to experience the escapades of University of the Pacific’s style scene firsthand.