STYLE GURU BIO: Sarah Howell

Hello everyone, I am Sarah and I am so excited to be back with CollegeFashionista for another fun filled semester! If you are new here, I am currently a junior studying at Wayne State University completing a dual major in fashion merchandising and marketing. One of my biggest passions has always been fashion for the simple fact that my creative mind is allowed to run free. Feeling comfortable and stepping out of your comfort zone is such a key aspect in almost anything you do and fashion gives everyone the ability to do that.

This past year in one of my classes I was given the opportunity to create a website. One of the assignments was to create our own blog posts and since then I’ve turned it into my own little blog. I’m just starting out and I plan to make some changes soon but if you are interested in some fashion tips from me feel free to follow along here! Blogging has become a huge passion of mine because it always allows me to stay inspired.

My wardrobe is fun, unique and colorful. Don’t get me wrong I love a simple look from time to time but incorporating color is a key aspect to having a good wardrobe. Shoes are by far my favorite to buy because there are always so many options. Accessories play a huge role in my wardrobe. I love adding a chunky statement necklace, a fun handbag, the right pair of shoes or even a hat to almost all my looks to look a bit more polished and again, unique.

Today, my look has a whole lot of color, which I love. I am wearing these fun colorful floral printed shorts (perfect for summer) from Topshop. Since the shorts are a  bit looser and more flowy I paired them with a more fitted top from Express. Then, of course, we have accessories which are by far my favorite part of this look. The gold chunky statement necklace was the perfect finishing touch to really let the red in the shirt pop and allow the different colors in the shorts to stand out. Lastly, I added these chunky lace-up heeled sandals from Zara to finish off the look and they are incredible. These sandals could be worn on so many different occasions and they are extremely comfortable!

Stayed tuned for more of my articles coming your way this summer and feel free to give them a RAD!

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